Get ready for the most exciting challenge of your life – Talent and thermal underwear needed!

Ps. Prepare yourself and buy long johns here

What is Dark North?

Dark North is an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students studying in a university or polytechnic. Companies from Oulu, Finland are looking for up to 40 interns for a period of two months. As Dark North interns, you'll work in small teams, helping companies to solve real-life innovation challenges.

You are not alone in the dark

Days will be getting shorter and shorter during your time here in the north, and the sparks of light will shine more within you and from a light box than the sun. However, we can offer you something better than just sunlight:

Team-based internship

You’ll work in a multidisciplinary team with other interns together with company experts and a facilitator. This kind of teamwork can make you shine brighter than the biggest star on the galaxy.

Facilitated* process

During the internship, your team will be professionally facilitated through the modern Demola co-creation process. Learn more about Demola here.
*Facilitation is not magic tricks but a way to make your teamwork hassle-free.

Meaningful innovation challenge

Demola innovation challenges are designed to solve real future challenges and create new service concepts and demos. And that, my friend, is how you change the world, little by little.

Dark North Projects & Companies

Dark North partner companies are looking for motivated, passionate, pro-active students with an entrepreneurial spirit - no matter what your background or major is.

Challenge and partner line-up will be announced in the beginning of September.

Be the first in line and send your open application now.

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Oulu? Please tell me why?

Subarctic climate in November is something to experience - dark polar nights (and days) will feed your imagination and creativity (or depression but we all know that suffering artists make the most beautiful creations). Oulu is Finland's fourth largest city, located in the shores of the Bay of Bothnia, and it is a gateway to urban culture as well as to the unique nature of the north. Reindeer? Yes. Polar bears? No. (Sorry.)

Welcome to Happiest Country on Earth


Winter is coming. Time is now to apply.

Hold your horses, beautiful! Before you get on the plane to Oulu, please send your application first.

1. Open application
Tell us what kind of innovation challenges makes you wild or what kind of problems you would like to solve. Fill out the application and we will get in touch with you ASAP after the companies are published.

Application period ends 15/9
2. Erasmus arrangements
Contact your university’s Erasmus office right now how to apply and ask information for any practical arrangements or questions you might have.

Do it now!
3. Land to Dark North
Pack warm clothes with you and start getting to know your team and company in Oulu (and get your hands on those long johns and a light box).

Internship starts x/10/2019
4. Begin the experience of your lifetime
Work together for 2 months and leave an impact on the universe.

Internship program ends 5/12/2019
5. Meet Santa Claus or spot Northern lights
Experience unique Christmas time in Finland, travel easily to Lapland and meet Santa himself. Still no polar bears, though – sorry.

Christmas Eve 24/12

How to Apply?

Fill the online application form and introduce yourself, and we’ll be in touch. The application period ends 15/9. Challenge and partner line-up will be announced in the beginning of September.

Apply now

Whether this Dark North internship opportunity “makes sense” or not, does not matter. What’s important is that you let yourself go, apply and have fun in Finland!


Yes. We will notify you of the options ASAP! Sit down, have a cup of coffee or tea and see what innovation challenges really struck the chord.

Yes it’s possible, but this is a matter between you and your internship host company.

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands. Learn more at

Companies are not paying salaries.

The local universities will provide information and support in finding the (student) apartment.

Each applicant may apply to several challenges/teams. Follow your gut feeling.

Still have questions? Need halp?
Yes. Yes, we help you.

About Oulu Internship program, projects and application process

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About internship & student mobility

Contact your local university Erasmus office for further information.

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