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29 March 2019

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Leiria, Portugal

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04 April 2019


31 May 2019

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04 April 2019

Demola Jam #1

26 April 2019

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10 May 2019

Final Demonstration

31 May 2019

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Susana Rodrigues

Additive Technology for the future!

WITH Vipex

Industries are in an interesting time when new technologies can add value to traditional products and services. How does the change look from plastics injection company’s point of view?

Disruptive Services


These new technologies may include environmental friendly raw materials, enhanced equipment and tools to optimize the use of production resources and energy consumption, brand new processes like addictive manufacturing, or an integrated combination of all these trends.
We want to offer our customers the opportunity to be on the forefront with innovative products and Vipex being able to swiftly shift from the current reality towards a new paradigm.
We at Vipex consider that addictive manufacturing will have an important role in the future of plastic industry. Nonetheless there are some questions and challenges that lie ahead…
• What will be the business model? will it be individual or integrated in the current one?
• How can we make addictive manufacturing process faster and economically viable, suitable for plastics mass production? Should it only be considered for a market niche and small scale production?
• What are the limitations to this technology, design, process and material wise?
• What are the actual and future business opportunities, for example new complex shapes like isotropic parts?
• What will be the target markets for the goods coming out of this process?
• What will be the added value to the final consumer?
• Within addictive manufacturing there are different approaches, which will be the one(s) to stand (DLS, FDM, SLS, etc.)?
• Is this technology mature enough to be considered for mass production?
Although addictive manufacturing already has a place in metalworking like injection moulds with proven benefits, it is still difficult to envision how it will be positioned within the plastic industry. We are looking for a multidisciplinary team to help us explore this topic and find a focal point for future exploration.


Plastics injection is widely used in automotives, home appliances, sports, and packaging to increase safety, service level and product quality. As the anatomy of products will change from what we know, new business models and additive technologies threaten the status quo. On the other hand, the situation provides excellent opportunities to generate new business and innovative approaches. We, at Vipex are interested to understand the underlying laws of subordinations.
Disruptions to the industries like the automotive industry are coming faster and faster. Electric vehicles and autonomous driving cars will revolutionize not just the experience for vehicles owners and drivers, but will also challenge the assumptions of the automotive industry as a whole. Home appliances are offering better opportunities to support and enhance customer’s home life experience. Suppliers need to look to future technologies in order to maintain their place in the food chain in these and other industries. Plastics injection with additive technology can bring new integrated opportunities to serve the consumer better. How and where can Vipex offer the best future technology to our customers?

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