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25 March 2019

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Hokkaido, Japan

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06 April 2019


25 May 2019

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06 April 2019

Demola Jam #1

20 April 2019

Demola Jam #2

27 April 2019

Final Demonstration

25 May 2019

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Itsuro Sugimura

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「日常のひとときを心豊かなものにする製品・サービス」とは? What are "Products / Services that enrich moments of our everyday lives”?


In the modern society, people are seeking to improve efficiency and rationalization, and everyone is chasing accelerated growth by productivity improvement at full speed. This also is very important in living an affluent life.

On the other hand, in order to have a happy and prosperous life as a human being, it is necessary to have a moment where you can enrich your spirit as well. When do you feel your "rich spirit"? Also, what kind of "things" helps us to keep our spirit rich? Let's think about new products and services that will casually (not special things) lead us to rich spirit!

PDF (including English ver.) is here:


Better life & Wellbeing


At JT Group*, we recognize the importance of further developing our management philosophy, the 4S model: "To fulfill our responsibilities in a balanced manner at a high level against the 4 parties: shareholders, employees, society, and mainly our customers, and to enhance the satisfaction of those four." We are independently undergoing a self-transformation process, including globalization and business structure reform etc.

We also believe that by satisfying customers at a high standard, we can increase the satisfaction of other stakeholders such as shareholders and society. The mission of the JT Group is to "recognize the value of nature, society, and human diversity and create, nurture, and continue to raise the JT brand trusted by customers”.

The JT Group keeps close to each and every consumer, and creates a rich time for everyday moments. We would like to continue to be such a company.



What is true wealth? Everyone must have had a chance to once think about it. Is it economic affluence? Or is it material affluence?
In the modern society, people are seeking to improve efficiency and rationalization are pursued in modern society, and everyone is chasing for accelerating growth by improvement of productivity at full speed. This is very important in living a life financially and materially rich. But isn’t there something that people have forgotten or trying not to realize?

Yes this society has become convenient in many ways, including 24 hour open shops and information network that makes us instantaneously connect world-wide at any time, but on the other hand, it might be making us constantly pressing for time. As our life becomes more convenient, the necessity of a "moment to enrich our spirit" where we can free ourselves from time constraints and stress shall be much valuable for us to live a happy and prosperous life as a human being.

Any field is welcome! Let’s create new products and services that shall contribute to ”enrich moments of our everyday everyday life" and make our future truly rich and happy!

分野は問いません!私たちと一緒に、人々の未来を真に豊かで幸せにすることができる、これまでに無いような新しい"日常 のひとときを心豊かなものにする製品・サービス"を作り上げていきましょう!

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