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Future Hossa Tourism & Community Center


What would be the anatomy of a modern tourism & community center with the unique twist of Hossa?


Hossa National Park was established in 2018, and it is one of the main reasons the number of travelers to the region has increased in the last few years. The increase has also created new requirements and needs to its infrastructure and services.

Hossa’s Community Centre is one answer to the rising and somewhat changing needs. The Community Centre will be located near the national park in Hossa village, uniting private and public services. Restaurants, cafés and shops, managed by a private company, will take approx. 1/3 of the building, whereas the rest will be a community space that answers to local needs and the needs of the visitors. The focus in this project is on the community space for tourists without turning a blind eye to the services of the private companies. 


Therefore, the aim of this co-creation process is to design a strategy/action plan of the Community Centre that will support the spatial planning and development of the community’s future services. For this project you will have ongoing dialogue between the Demola team and the construction planners throughout the project.