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More Than Just Housing


What is the future of themed student housing and services linked to it?


Moving into PSOAS housing signifies a great change in life. Students are starting their studies, moving out on their own, and building a new social circle. We want to ensure that the housing solutions support this transition.

By looking into themed housing and customer segments, PSOAS aims to create more than just housing. By joining this project, you will have the opportunity to help PSOAS figure out how to make this a reality.


In this project, PSOAS will dive into one or more segments that have been identified from their customer base (such as Nature Lovers, Sporty People or Academically Focused Students) to see if they can identify what makes these customers tick. Get into the minds of your fellow Millennials and Post-Millennials to answer the following questions:

What are the needs and wants of different customer segments?

What would enable them to live active life or, on the other hand, relax?

How can we enhance and support the above-mentioned aspects through housing?

How could a normal student house be made into a themed home?

How can a housing company support the communities built around the different themes?

What kind of additional services could be designed to fulfill the needs of our customers?

We are looking for motivated students from all fields, but especially students studying Behaviors Sciences, Behavioral Economics, Design Thinking, Architecture, and Environmental Engineering should definitely apply!