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Cabin Fever


Fully-autonomous mobile machines enable their operators to climb out of the cabin and manage multiple machines simultaneously. How to help them be the masters of their machines also in the future?


We at Novatron are currently developing the path for fully autonomous mobile machines, such as excavators, with the means of sensoring, data processing and 3D modelling. As a result of autonomous machines becoming industry-proof, traditional machine operator’s role is diminishing and the need for comprehensive fleet control arises. We want to explore different ways to control and monitor a fleet of mobile machines in the future.


The machines can soon perform basic tasks, such as moving around and digging safely and effectively completely autonomously. Instead of the traditional approach of simulating the machine’s cabin, could controlling and monitoring a fleet of ~10 mobile machines be handled with a totally different approach?

Could other industries, such as video game field, provide an alternative solution to equip the fleet manager with environment to succeed with their machines? How could the most essential information be delivered to the fleet manager to predict and recover from situations requiring human interaction?

This is your chance to showcase your unrivaled solution through concrete demo-building, in order to take the whole mobile machine industry by a storm!

Team Competences:

Media, gaming, UI/UX, mechanical engineering, logistics, construction engineering