See What You Have Missed



Commercials are typically made by using traditional photography and videography. What if we could capture millions of images per second of anything, e.g. shockwaves? What are the opportunities in advertising industry when invisible becomes visible?


Cavitar offers unique laser illumination solutions for high-speed imaging and precise and continuous real-time monitoring. With our solutions, customers can visualize challenging processes of high brightness, e.g. welding or combustion, as well as processes with small and fast objects, e.g. droplets and ballistics. We know the high value of our technology that enables you to see what you have missed. There is a huge potential in other domains that we haven’t explored yet and we need your help for that!


Previously, we were only able to see the beginning and the end of certain processes, but we couldn’t see what happened in between. Now the game has changed. We can examine, for example, explosion of firecracker or popcorn kernel, or welding processes.

See the examples below and be the pioneer on exploring this ground-breaking technology in media and advertising industry:

We believe we could get a better idea of the different domains where this technology could be used through media and advertising industry. What are the different use cases that could promote the opportunities offered by our technology? What are the business opportunities if we could see what we have missed? Is there an existing need already that we just are not aware of yet? What different phenomena could be captured with this technology?