The Art of Sustainable Jewelry

Linn Sigrid Bratland (LSB)


How can new technology transform jewelry making? Be a part of exploring a sustainable and ethically responsible alternative to outsourcing production to low-cost countries.


Linn Sigrid Bratland (LSB) produces modern norwegian-made jewelry inspired by traditional art and nature. The company is now at a stage in the business development process where they need to scale production in order to meet market needs and grow the business. LSB is facing an urgent strategic decision: should they outsource production or not? At this point, similar businesses making design items like jewelry, purses, clothes etc. have chosen to outsource production to low-cost countries. LSB would like to find a different option and aims to lead the way in developing a socially and ethically responsible alternative to outsourcing.


There is a need to find a sustainable solution for small-scale handicraft production, where it is possible to make money without outsourcing production to low-cost countries.
- How can LSB solve manual work processes smarter utilizing new technology?
- How can new technological solutions potentially transform the norwegian handicraft industry of tomorrow?