Lifeguard of Shelves

Tuomi Logistiikka Oy


Even today, a logistician has been making rounds in hospitals to check that doctors and nurses have all the necessary supplies to do their jobs. With all the possible technologies and service models of the future, the logistician’s time and the taxpayers’ money could be used for so much more. Your input is needed, however, to map out those possibilities.


Tuomi Logistiikka Oy is a co-procurement and logistics company owned by the city of Tampere and Pirkanmaa Hospital District. We offer various services from procurements to storage and transportation services, and we appreciate advanced yet effective solutions.


When we go to a grocery store, we’re used to seeing shelves filled with products. In fact, we’re quite surprised if we see an empty shelf with a note “out of stock” – but we can live with that. Imagine if the same thing happened in a hospital when a nurse is getting an intubation tube during surgery.

Currently, the only way of getting real-time information about hospitals’ need for more syringes, wound dressings, needles, tubes and other healthcare supplies is by having a staff member from logistics to go through each storage place in the hospitals on a daily basis, which can mean thousands of shelves. That’s a waste of money, resources and time of logistics, hospitals and taxpayers.

What could be done to receive real time and accurate information of the equipment with future technologies? What kind of service models are out there and/or trending in the future to make the process easy, lean and productive? How should issues of hygiene be taken into account when thinking of the possible options? What about the limited amount of space in the hospitals? How have other industries dealing with the same challenge solved it – or have they done that yet?